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At Rubber Chicken Theatre we firmly believe that cost should never be a barrier to participation. We offer fully flexible payment options including deferments and instalment plans and where asked, we will always reduce fees or even waive them altogether. We also work with schools and other organisations to offer free places where needed across our communities. However, as requests for discounted and free places have increased, so too has the financial pressure on RCT.

We do know however that there are people in our community who want to help others access the experiences and sometimes life changing moments performing arts can offer. That’s why we’ve set up our new Pay It Forward scheme. Simply select what you’d like to pay forward and we’ll hold your donation in a separate account until it’s needed. Paying It Forward is a way for you to anonymously help others in the local community while also helping RCT continue to do its work.

If you decide you can pay something forward today, thank you.

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Pay this forward:

Drama/MT Class, Community Choir Session, Ticket to see a show, Hoodie, Show Registration, Panto Registration, Show in a Week Registration

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