Who We Are

Pamela and the team have been producing shows, teaching and supporting the performing arts across Dunblane for 16 years. We love our wee performing arts family and welcome anyone interested in the arts. We are a social enterprise and work with several local charities, organisations and schools to provide access to the arts where there are barriers to participation.

We offer drama classes, workshops, community choir, shows, and performing opportunities (on and off stage) for small children through to retired adults. No auditions are required - it's about being part of a performing arts family, and building confidence, friendships and skills through the magic of theatre.

We may not live together, but we live, together.

A small but mighty core team, gratefully assisted by an army of local volunteers.

We aim to:



    • utilise the performing arts to create community cohesion, build friendships and build community links


    • provide high-quality access to a range of performing arts opportunities regardless of ability/income etc


    • produce high-quality theatre in a local and sustainable way


    • promote engagement and education in the arts as a means of confidence building, expression and support.



Pamela Mackie
Head of Crazy Plans
Karys Rutherford
Head of Costumes, Choreo and HQ
Leigh Austin
Head of Spreadsheets
Gillian Gray
Head of dramatical things and outstanding snack sourcing
Thomas Ramage
Head of Risk Assesments and Coffee supplies
Antony Carter
Head of t-shirt customisation and scissors
Claire Evans
Head of harmony wrangling (and fish)
Hocus Pocus083
liam and audrey
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