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Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. From Tudor Queens to Pop Icons, the SIX wives of Henry VIII take the mic to remix five hundred years of historical heartbreak into a Euphoric Celebration of 21st-century girl power! This new original musical is the global sensation that everyone is losing their head over.

Show in a Week Senior is back! We are delighted to be bringing the wordwide phenomenon that is ‘Six’ to the Macrobert stage this October, with our own brand of RCT energy.

This edition has been expanded to include an ensemble, and as such is the ideal show for our high school contingent. Whether you have been on stage with RCT for years, or this is your first outing with us, everyone is welcome. Registration is open to all those who will be in high school in October 2024.

At its heart, SIX is about celebrating the talent and individuality of the women and non-binary people onstage. The parts of the six Queens will therefore be open to cis women, trans women, trans people and people who exist beyond the gender binary in any capacity, who feel on a personal level that this is their story to tell. The ensemble will include performers of all gender identities.

In Rehearsals - The Addams Family 2022
Auditions (optional):
Mon 24th and Tues 25th June

Group Dance Workshop:
Wed 26th June 7pm - 9.30pm (DCF)

Sunday 20th October 3pm – 10pm (DCF)
Monday 21st October 2pm – 9.30pm (DCF)
Tuesday 22nd  October 2pm -9.30pm (DCF)
(10am - 1pm Principals and Dancers tbc)

Wednesday 23rd  October 10am – 1pm (DCF)

Tech Rehearsals (full company):
Wed 23rd October 3pm – 9pm (Macrobert)
Thu 24th October 10am – 9pm (Macrobert)

Dress Rehearsal
Friday 25th October 1pm (Macrobert)

Friday 25th - Saturday 26th October
5pm / 8pm

Open to all those who will be S1 - S6 in October.

A Note on Auditions From Pamela

I am very aware that excitement and anxiety around casting this one is high.

As such I’m going to complete casting before the Summer holidays, partly to put the discussion aside, and partly to allow us to plan and costume effectively.  It’s worth noting that for this one, the balance across the six queens is the most important thing.  I have no pre-conceived notions around age or style, but the six queens themselves are challenging parts and require a high level of focus, energy and character.

Although the six queens are the principal parts, each queen will have several ladies (or gents) in waiting. The focus of these will depend on the queen in question – some may be dancey, some may be more harmony focused and some may be more acting based. As such, I would encourage anyone who wants to audition to do so.

Individual auditions will take place at RCT HQ, 19 High Street, Dunblane on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th June. These will be by appointment.

In addition, there will be a dance workshop on Wednesday 26th June at Dunblane Christian Fellowship (DCF). Further details are below.

Even if you are not auditioning, we would like to invite everyone registered for Six: Teen Edition to a dance workshop at DCF on Wednesday 26th June.  It is likely that the ensemble will be notionally split between the six queens for the big numbers, and the workshop allows us to get a feel for dance styles, heights etc and make that split even.

If you’re not a dancer please don’t panic – it’s just to let us know where to put everyone!  However, for those auditioning, this is a mandatory part of your audition.

We appreciate the audition dates and dance workshop are very close to the end of term and some of you may be away. If this is the case please don’t panic – let us know and we can arrange to audition you before hand, or by video.

Audition pieces, music, tracks etc will be posted in the show WhatsApp group on Fri 31st May.


The fee for taking part in Show in a Week Snr. is £160, which includes:

  • Full time supervised training in music, dance and performance during the times above alongside our professional production team.
  • Opportunity to audition (if your child wants to) for principal roles.
  • Participation in performances with full production lighting, sound, band, costumes etc. on stage at the Macrobert
  • Personalised 'Six: Teen Edition' t-shirt.
  • Full photo pack containing individual professional promo photo, digital copies of all rehearsal and on stage production shots.

For those who have more than one child taking part, subsequent siblings will be charged at a reduced rate of £130.

How to Pay

There are three different ways to pay:

  • In full at registration - we accept all major credit / debit cards.
  • Over 3 monthly instalments - select the option at checkout (first payment is due at registration).
  • Pay nothing now, pay the balance by 31st July - use the code RCTDEFER24 at checkout.

If you need to withdraw your child from the show for any reason, fees for Six can be refunded in full before the 31st July, and by 50% before the 31st August. After this point we will have incurred significant costs relating to their space, and are unlikely to replace them in the cast, so the fee is non refundable. If you have chosen to pay in instalments or deferred payment, any outstanding balance will become due at cancellation.

As always, we strongly believe that cost should never be a barrier to participation and will always, where needed, offer payment in instalments, fee reductions or fully funded places.  If you would like to speak to us about the cost, just send us a message before registration.

As always, if you have any questions, just shout!

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